Sticker It giet oan Elfwegentocht

Conditions of entry for the Elfwegentocht Parade

The Elfwegentocht Parade will take place on Saturday July 14th 2018 in Friesland, The Netherlands. Please for now keep the whole day blocked, more specific times will follow.

  • Everybody can join us on the road or by water, if the vehicle or vessel does not use fossil fuel.
  • Every person and organisation is at all times responsible for it’s own vehicle or vessel.
  • The organization of the Elfwegentocht Parade can not be held liable in any way for damage to vehicles or the occupants or for any other calamity.
  • Extra large or high cars or vessels may not be able to participate the entire route of the Parade. The organization will communicate an alternative route with these vehicles.
  • Participation in the Elfwegentocht Parade is free of charge.
  • The organization of the Elfwegentocht Parade ensures that everyone who has registered via the registration form on the website will receive a free packed lunch.
  • All participants are requested to place a link on their website to the website to call onto customers, relations, friends and acquaintances to ride along in the Elfwegentocht Parade.
  • The details of the registration form will only be used by the Elfwegentocht Parade and will not be provided to third parties.