Largest sustainable Parade ever!

Setting a new world record

In 2018, Leeuwarden is Cultural Capital of Europe. Or should we say Sustainable Capital? On july 14th the Frisian people will organise the largest fossil free parade ever. More than one record will be broken, most importantly the record ‘largest parade of electric vehicles’ that currently counts 746 vehicles.

Do you drive electric? Then join us now, and set a world record!

All fossil free vehicles welcome!

All fossil free transport modes are welcome, on the water ánd on the road: electrical boats, cars, motors, segways, Trefecta’s, bikes. But also vehicles on hydrogen, solar power or biogas are welcome, as are sailing boats and canoes, regular bicycles and your grandfathers choir on the back of horses! The more futuristic or weirder, the better!

Everybody can join

Young or elderly, with or without a driver’s licence, from soccer club to yachting society, you are welcome. The whole mienskip can join. The Parade is on the final day of the two Cultural Capital weeks in which province Friesland will show the world that it can commute without one drip of petrol or diesel!